The staff at Orthoprenuer is outstanding.  Their customer service, attention to detail, follow up and helpfulness is top notch.  When working with any of the staff, they are always professional, friendly and are sure to take care of questions or concerns in a timely manner.  It's a great feeling to know that Mary Kay and her team are on top of following our SEO and help to make any changes that are needed.  They take the task off our plate and allow us more time to take care of our patients.

Client since 2011, Bowling Green, KY. bracesbythebest.com

Dr. Oles Drobocky, Drobocky Orthodontics

Wow! What a difference! I had been using a website company that just plugged my information into a cookie cutter format. I paid 2015 prices for a 2010 model. I thought not getting emails or phone calls returned was normal. After I had reached my limit of poor service I was referred to Mary Kay by my classmate from my orthodontic residency. From the first phone call I had with Mary Kay I knew I was in good hands. I couldn't be more pleased with my website. The support from MK and her team is first class.

Client since 2016, Oklahoma City, OK. michaelkierlorthodontics.com

Dr. Michael Kierl, Michael Kierl Orthodontics

I was referred to Mary Kay at Orthopreneur by a colleague who used their services to build his practice website. When I first spoke with Mary Kay, I already had a website, but it was not functioning for me the way I needed it to. Mary Kay was very thorough and really understood what an orthodontic practice website needed to be.

I could focus this review on the website itself, and how it is both functional and esthetic; how it exceeded all my expectations. Instead, I would like to comment on my experience. I was really impressed with Mary Kay and her team. She spent a LOT of time speaking with me and finding out exactly what I was looking for to make sure she could provide the right product for me.

Even after the site went live, she continues to keep in touch and she spends time researching other practices in my city and helping me to improve my blog posts, etc. to ensure my website will continue to generate traffic. Her team is also excellent and was very good in working with me during the design process. I would highly recommend Mary Kay and the team at Orthopreneur.

Client since 2015, Las Vegas, NV mountainvieworthodonticslasvegas.com

Dr. Nadim Guirguis, Mountain View Orthodontics

"From the get go the Orthopreneur approach was different, more personal than any other website developers I interviewed. After my first conference call with Mary Kay it was obvious that they are experts in their field. A year later I have only good things to say about them. Developing my brand new website was without headaches. Outstanding communication from their part and it is very comforting knowing that whether I call or e-mail them I would always get a response within 24 hours. Great job Orthopreneur! I highly recommend their services."

Client since 2015,  www.rentonkidsdentistry.com

Dr. Cynthia Alegre, Renton Kids Dentistry

If you’re considering launching or updating a website then you must contact Mary Kay at Orthopreneur. Over the past decade, I’ve worked with several other website designers and had several “state-of-the-art” websites, but nothing that comes close to what Mark Kay and her team have provided. My practice has moved on Google searches from near the bottom of page 3 to near the top of page 1. Internet referrals are now one of our top referral sources and all in less than 18 months. Don’t waste your time and money elsewhere. Work with the best and plan for results!

Client since 2015 - Spokane WA www.phippsortho.com

Dr. Gerald Phipps

I am sending this E-mail to thank Mary Kay Miller for the informative session we had on 8/5/16, discussing the website upgrade for DrFerlito.com.  As usual her depth of knowledge in social media and web marketing is unsurpassed and it is a pleasure to speak with her.  Her analysis of my Google analytics allowed us to tailor the "hot buttons" to those which would be most effective with the mothers visiting our site.  This year marks 30 years in the orthodontic profession and in that time I have dealt with many businesses, but Mary Kay and her employees, especially Jeff Slater are at the top of the list.

Client since 2013 - Bradford, MA www.drferlito.com

Dr. Thomas Ferlito


"I have been using Orthopreneur since the launch of my website, which I love.  They are a great organization that truly puts their clients first.  They are on top of any issues or questions that I may have as it relates to my website and SEO.  They are #1 when it comes to websites, SEO, and customer service.  I highly recommend using Mary Kay Miller and Orthopreneur"!!!
Client Updated August 2016 WOW!!! I have been working with MK and her team since 2012. They were instrumental in guiding and advising me through the practice transition process as I purchased my practice from a retiring orthodontist who already had an established website, web presence and social media presence. I asked a lot of questions and MK and her team answered all of them and helped me avoid mistakes that would have been a setback in the online marketing world. I would highly recommend Mary Kay Miller and her Orthopreneur team without hesitation.

Client Since 2012 - Hanover, PA www.davidrossorthodontics.com

Dr. David Ross, David Ross Orthodontics

Mary Kay and her team took me on, less than one year ago, as a general dentist.  She was the first honest person in a website company I have spoken to, and I could tell she knew what she was doing from the start.  She and her team helped me create a web page I could be proud of, but more than that, a web page that could be found!  I had already used a few companies over the years, but they were not working for me.  My website moved up in the rankings in a very short period of time, and I Mary Kay and her team continue to help me improve my page and rankings. I am a general dentist, and I highly recommend Mary Kay and her team as they are the best in their field, and they care about their clients.

Client Since 2016 - Berkeley, CA www.drrobinwhitley.com

Dr. Robin Whitley

Awesome Job!!! MK and her team has done a great job that exceeded my expectations in the design and development of our website. Having had the most basic of website for years, she was able to understand our desires and help guide us along the journey to create a website that we are extremely proud of and one that is representative of our office. With so many different companies out there to choose from, the personalized service of Orthopreneur distinguishes themselves in exceptional customer service which will then differentiate your office from the cookie cutter sites...just check us out! Thanks again for everything!

Client Since 2015 - Libertyville, IL www.libertyvillebraces.com

Dr. Vincent Arpino, Arpino Orthodontics

If you want professional results, work with professionals. But if you need more than that, then work with the people who know, care, and are passionate. Mary Kay Miller was introduced to me by my close friend and trusted colleague Dr. Jay Bowman. Over ten years ago, I had a website before I physically had a practice. Back then, the Rittenhouse Orthodontics website was the best there could be. I had many patients because of it. But having to run an orthodontic department and not paying enough attention to “everything” that a practice needs, all those many years, I had seriously neglected my website. Even the dentists were doing better than me in Google orthodontic searches. But once I re-designed my website, and Mary Kay took charge of the site, we moved up: from obscurity to high place on the first page; of course, with patients following. Mary Key knows her stuff, advances in the field, and tricks of search engines. She does what she does through the eyes of an orthodontic person who has seen it all at all levels. Her powerful blend of knowledge includes orthodontic treatment, management of an orthodontic office, marketing of an orthodontic practice, and impressive Google savvy. Whereas, the website design companies sell things to please the orthodontist’s taste, Mary Kay advises her clients on what the “web searchers” look for. It is like the difference between designing a waiting room for the doctor as opposed to designing it for the waiting moms. Mary Kay impressed me.

Client Since 2011 - Philadelphia, PA www.rittenhouseortho.com

Dr. Orhan C. Tuncay, Rittenhouse Orthodontics

I had a new website built with  onsite SEO with Mary Kay and her team recently.  She really spent time with me and had very good suggestions to make my site unique.  The website is all original with original written content, no cookie-cutter template.   My website moved up on the ranking in a very short period of time.  I am very excited.
She also has taught me a lot about website design and what makes your site relevant.  I always enjoy our phone meetings and come away with a new pearl of wisdom I can use.  Mary Kay also gives her advice on other marketing ideas for my office and how to implement them.  She's a very nice lady and incredibly knowledgeable!  I highly recommend Orthopreneur!

Client Since 2015 - Arlington Heights, IL www.dentist-arlingtonheights.com

Dr. Tina Smith, Arlington Smith Family Dentistry

We have been partnered with Orthopreneur since 2009. Mary Kay and her group have really opened our eyes as to how the internet actually works and how we can improve our exposure with consumers. The attention to detail that this group provides to make us successful is beyond anything we were expecting. Their recommendations have really promoted office growth. Anytime we come across something new this group is sure to know the answers to how it would make our office a success. Jessica is our main contact for the many contests we have for our patients. She is Awesome! Not only is she super creative with all of her contest ideas, but her turn-around time on projects is amazing! Anytime we have a question or concern, whether talking to Mary Kay, Jeff or Jessica, you can be sure that it will be answered and resolved immediately. Thank you so much for all you do!

Client Since 2009 - Sugarland and Rosenburg, TX www.lonestarbraces.com

Dr. Richard Boyd, Garrett and Boyd Orthodontics

We have been using Mary Kay Miller for many years now and we feel we are in good hands. She is always quick to respond and we get a lot of compliments on our website. She also knows a lot of people in the industry which also helps. I highly recommend her!! Her team also keeps up to date with the latest Google changes.
Client since 2010 - Mansfield, MA http://gammorthodontics.com

Dr. Benjamin Gamm

Orthopreneur have worked out really well for our practice. They carefully helped us design our website and have maintained our SEO presence. SEO is always changing and we are so glad to have them help us keep up to date. In addition, they have excellent customer service and the staff is always very helpful. Client Since 2011 - Palo Alto, CA www.wuortho.com

Dr. Eric Wu, Wu Orthodontics

“I first heard Mary Kay lecture at a meeting. When the lecture was over I immediately hired her! I was very impressed with her knowledge of all things internet-related and her “bottom line” business model for my practice. She did a very thorough analysis of my website and worked with my staff to put all of the changes in place. I use her exclusive client services for my practice as well as for my blog and web design updates. Some things are best left alone once they are done right. I feel like I have the best! Client Since 2010 – Columbia, SC www.drrichardboyd.com

Dr Richard Boyd, Boyd Orthodontics

Mary K and the entire Orthopreneur team have not only created a fantastic new website for our office, they have been an invaluable resource for marketing and branding in the digital age. If you're thinking about improving your online presence in any way, make Orthopreneur your first call!  Client since 2010 - Augusta, ME www.smilesbycookorthodontics.com

Dr. Brian Cook, Cook Orthodontics

Mary Kay Miller and the Orthopreneur team were fantastic setting up my first website and social media program with her exclusive Web 2.0 services. I was recommended to their team by a friend and a colleague of mine who was nowhere to be found and then number on Google in less than four months with his first website in Miami. He raved about her services. I now realized that I am probably working with the best team on the market. Mary Kay Miller walked me through the design, gave objective opinions and the advice that only a person with years of orthodontic experience can give. The website is not only about the design that the owner likes, but also about how it markets to the audience and how it will be viewed by the search engines. Mary showed me how to build the design for practice growth. The custom design and construction of our website was online live in 90 days and probably faster than any other of her competitors in the market. I am moving now to the second phase of the project with a comprehensive SEO program, our new blog and social media, and the latest in mobile apps for smart phones that will be added soon. Thank you very much Mary Kay and the Orthopreneur team. Client since 2009 Houston, TX  www.greaterhoustonorthodontics.com

Dr Amir Davoody, Greater Houston Orthodontics

From our first phone call with Mary Kay, we knew we were going to go with Orthopreneur. Her knowledge of SEO and social media was incredible. It was very clear that she was going to set us up with a cutting-edge website. The recommendations she made for us were exactly on point. Mary Kay’s level of expertise enabled her to create a website with keywords and meta tags that put us high in ranking without the need to subscribe to SEO services. We are thrilled to say the product she proposed was delivered on time, and exceeded our expectations. Mary Kay, Jessica, and Jeff are an outstanding team whose professionalism is unmatched. We would absolutely recommend Orthopreneur to any practice. Client Since 2013 - Wakefield & Westerly, RI www.dequattrobraces.com

Dr. Frank DeQuattro, DeQuattro Orthodontics

I met Mary Kay at her booth during one of the AAO annual meetings. At that time, I had yet to open the doors of my new orthodontic practice. I had no “digital footprint” as Mary Kay would say. Mary Kay and her team literally built my online presence from the ground up. They helped me select the best domain name available. We put up a nice-looking landing page while my website was being built. Mary Kay allowed me to be involved in the design process since I have a tendency to take a hands on approach with my office details. Now that my site is up, I receive compliments on it all the time and it is one of the leading sources of new patients coming into the office. Mary Kay’s team of experts also set up my business pages on Google, Yelp, Facebook, YouTube, and Bing. My ranking on local search picked up steam very quickly. Without question, Orthopreneur did a fantastic job of laying the digital foundation for my practice! Client Since 2013 - Trumbull, CT www.trumbullbraces.com

Dr. Lubna Khan, Trumbull Orthodontics

Mary Kay and her team at Orthopreneur were very helpful throughout the website design process. We had a particular idea on how we wanted our website to look, and the Orthopreneur team got on board and helped make it a reality! It was great to work with the same people during the entire project. I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Orthopreneur to my colleagues! Client SInce 2013 - San Ramon, CA www.sanramonchildrensdentistry.com

Dr. Joanne Rahman, San Ramon Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics

“Mary Kay Miller and her team at Orthopreneur are an absolute joy to work with! They are cutting edge, very creative, responsive and timely in all of their services. They leave no stone unturned with designing and managing your practices customized website. They provide you with user friendly suggestions for continual improvements and upgrades that assure optimization of your site. Because they are not an ‘out of the box’ company your site will be positively unique. They will provide your practice with a website that is reflective of your services and and the needs your patients expect. Most importantly they will not try to sell you services you do not need, but will always be there when needs arise!! Client Since 2014 - Sioux Falls, SD www.cw-ortho.com

Dr. Ross L Crist , Crist & Wenande Orthodontics

“The experience of working with Mary Kay Miller and Orthopreneur for SEO has far exceeded my expectations. Mary Kay is a superb source of information about dental internet marketing and the orthodontic industry as a whole. Her extensive hands-on experience in a successful orthodontic practice have given her a unique sense of how internet marketing can easily and effectively work for any orthodontic practice. Working with Mary Kay has catapulted my website to a fantastic position on google– and it was all so easy with Mary Kay’s tips. I'll definitely be continuing working with her on all our online marketing projects.” Client since 2009 - Merrimack, NH  www.elliottorthodontics.com

Dr. Douglas Elliott, Elliott Orthodontics

Simply the best! Mary Kay, Jess and Jeff are a terrific team. Mary Kay took the time to really understand what my marketing, internet, and SEO needs were. Moreover, MK did not try to “upsell” me like all the others companies. The Orthopreneur team then designed a custom website that is exceptional and exactly what I wanted. They have affordable payment plans, and I never felt any stress while my site was under construction. In addition, all my questions were always answered, and changes were never a problem. If you are looking for an exceptionally personable, knowledgeable, and dependable internet marketing company, Orthopreneur is the right choice. Hands down! I am grateful your team has come into my life. Thank you for working with me. Client Since 2014 - Sebring, FL www.orthodonticsbydrguelff.com

Dr. Steven Guelff

Our website went live a few weeks ago and I writing to let you know how pleased I am with the orthopreneur staff and the whole design process. The initial design meeting which lasted almost an hour with you was the most valuable one hour use of my time in my 27 years of practice. You were a fount of knowledge on websites, SEO, and the pulse of the orthodontic consumer. The design phase went very smoothly and both Jessica and Jeff could not have been more patient and professional with me and my staff. We went through 6 different color schemes before settling back to the original colors and through it all they worked with us. I hire all employees based on personality and nothing else, because my philosophy has always been that I can train an individual to perform any orthodontic task, but you can never change a personality. Good choice when you hired Jess and Jeff! We are already noticing an uptick in web referrals with the new site. Thank you again. Client Since 2013 - Bradford, MA www.drferlito.com

Dr. Tom Ferlito, Bradford Orthodontics

We met Mary Kay through a recommendation of a mutual friend. From our first meeting we realized she was very knowledgeable and well versed in the realm of website design and SEO. Our practice is located in a rural area so we were a bit confused as to the importance of all these things and how they were relevant to our practice. Needless to say Mary Kay convinced us otherwise. Working with Jess was a pleasure. Through all the design changes she was always very personable and helpful. Hands down she is the best teacher in maneuvering through Word Press. Every time I spoke with her I was treated like I was the only client. Our thanks to Mary Kay, Jess, Jeff and the team at Orthopreneur for the beautiful design of our new website we got exactly what we asked for. We are very satisfied customers. Client Since 2013 - Lewisburg, PA www.stushortho.com

Dr. Albert M. Stush Jr., Stush Orthodontics

Working with Mary Kay Miller and the Orthopreneur team was an outstanding experience. Throughout the entire process, from conceptualization to finished product, they provided expert advice, guidance and communication. In a relatively short period of time, we have established an internet presence with a fully functional and state of the art website. Orthopreneur’s specialization in the orthodontic profession and search engine optimization provided for a unique and highly focused perspective to develop a site uniquely tailored to our field of practice. Client Since 2012 - Mattoon, IL www.drhageorthodontics.com

Dr. Michael A. Hage, Hage Orthodontics

It was a real pleasure to work with Mary Kay Miller and her competent and knowledgeable team. The process was efficient, on time, and most importantly she delivered my vision with an amazing website. Mary Kay is also extremely knowledgeable with internet marketing. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone looking to makeover their online presence. Client Since 2014 - Oshawa, ON www.oshawaorthodontics.com

Dr. Steven Ma, Oshawa Orthodontics

I’ve been happy with Orthopreneur throughout the whole process. They initially built a fabulous website for me over two years ago and recently they updated it to make it responsive and I didn’t have to completely rebuild it! And it looks great on mobile devices too! I’ve am a happy customer! Client Since 2012 - Denison, TX www.texomaorthodontist.com

Dr Michael Courtright, Courtright Orthodontics

5 Stars. I was very impressed with the website of an orthodontist friend of mine who had used Orthopreneur. After a very comfortable and informative phone conversation with Mary Kay, I looked through many of the other websites they had created. I am now a very happy customer and am proud of my new website. I feel that it portrays the modern, professional look I was seeking and they have helped me navigate through the SEO complexities. I hope to continue to work with Orthoprenuer for years to come in keeping my website relevant and at the top of the search engines. Client Since 2014 - Apex, NC www.michaelbassdds.com

Dr. Michael Bass, Michael Bass Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

The team at Orthopreneur is amazing! They work hard to maintain our practice at the top of the search engines. Also, they help us with our internal marketing and website design. They are always ready to answer questions! We appreciate their professionalism and timely responses to any of our concerns. Client Since 2010 - Gurnee, IL www.gurneeorthodontist.com

Dr. Oana Honey, Honey Orthodontics

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Kay and her team for several years now. In 2010, I had a website built by one of the major players in this area for orthodontics. I had the understanding that the site would be up to date, and be constructed to interact optimally with the major search engines. Much to my disbelief, after the website went live, they informed me I would need SEO, and referred me to Mary Kay! Mary Kay worked with our site to maximize its recognition, gaining a first page Google maps listing in a major metropolitan suburban location.The website however was a flash design. Although the look of the site was quite good, its basic architecture limited how it was picked up by the search engines. It had no exposure in the mobile device world at all. Earlier this year, Mary Kay updated the look and structure of the web pages, taking into account how a typical consumer is most likely to navigate them. The transition was seamless, and I could not be more pleased. Many thanks to all at Orthopreneur! Client Since 2013 - Naperville, IL www.mcmullenorthodontics.com

Dr. Ray McMullen, McMullen Orthodontics

“Understanding that your website is your first impression to potential patients, I felt it was important to differentiate my website. Working with Mary Kay and her team of professionals, I was given an immense amount of guidance and steered toward a custom website that considered my input and my goals. Mary Kay’s experience with SEO and social media integration helped me position my practice to have a strong web presence that will consistently help me brand my practice online. In addition, they have given me the tools to maintain a high level of customization and control that allows me to update the site information immediately and without having to work through a middle-man. Most importantly, I felt that the primary goal of the Orthopreneur team was a high level of quality in all aspects of my project. They were always prompt in response to my questions, excited to hear my ideas, and determined to meet the highest expectations. I give MK and the entire team my highest recommendation.” Client Since 2012 - Franklin Park, IL www.northwestorthodontics.com

Dr. John Foley, Northwest Orthodontics

Wendy and I just wanted to send you another email saying “Thank you” for putting together our website. We have climbed up to #1 on Google and Google maps for Fullerton braces and Fullerton orthodontics. We have already received several patients from Google searches…and we had never received any in the past! You did a great job and we have had many compliments. Client Since 2012 - Fullerton, CA www.orthodontistfullerton.com

Dr. Matthew MacGinnis, Moon & MacGinnis Orthodontics

“Mary Kay’s expertise, attention to detail, and accessibility are unmatched. From her initial consultation to all of her follow ups, it is clear that she keeps on the cutting edge with her knowledge of SEO and Google search. Previously I used one of the “big name”orthodontic marketing companies for SEO and their results were inconsistent at best. My Google ranking varied and my representative with the company changed every 2-3 months. Instead, with Mary Kay I had direct access to her knowledge and expertise. Soon after her team optimized my website, my office consistently ranks at the top and is highly visible on Google. “Additionally, Mary Kay gave excellent suggestions for my web site’s visual presentation and wording. She has been a great source of information and has been honest and transparent through the entire process. Highly recommended!” Client Since 2013 - Lawrenceville, GA www.gwinnettorthodontist.com

Dr. Jacob Koch, Koch Orthodontics

It was a pleasure working with Mary Kay Miller and her team at Orthopreneur. Their work was efficient and thorough. My questions were always answered promptly. Building my new website in WordPress was incredibly faster and just plain easier than my previous experience. Client Since 2012 - Old Tappan, NJ www.djenkinsortho.com

Dr. David Jenkins, Jenkins Orthodontics