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Thank you for signing up on our Website/Blog. Our goal is to offer useful Internet marketing information to the orthodontic profession as soon as it happens.  If you have any questions or input you would like to share, please contact our staff at office@orthopreneur.com or call toll free 877-295-5611. We look forward to hearing from you.

You will find all the information you need to discover how to correctly test your website in your local area. You will also find links to download templates to document your results. These templates are provided to get you started.

For more information about Internet marketing, SEO, website design, mobile marketing, and how to increase your visibility on the Internet in your local area, schedule a FREE evaluation of your Internet visibility by contacting Mary Kay at office@orthopreneur.com or call Toll Free 877-295-5611 to schedule an appointment.

Two videos are provided below: (Since the Internet is constantly updating, the maps area may slightly change, but overall steps remain the same)

  1. how to first clear your browsing history before testing  
  2. how to test your site in your local area. 

Download your website tracking forms (mentioned in the video) in one of two different formats:

  1. Excel for those who prefer a spreadsheet: Click here
  2. Word format for those who prefer written tracking: Click here

Download the MSO lecture PDF for meeting 9/22/13

Click here to download my MSO 2013 Lecture. It is a very large file and may take a few minutes to download.

How to delete your website browsing history before tracking results on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

How to test website visibility in your local area